Proposal to change the board of directors in connection with the upcoming General Assembly in Flügger group A/S on August 13 2020

Michael Mortensen, the current Vice Chairman of the board in Flügger group A/S, is nominated for the position of Chairman, as the Chairman of the board, Carl Trock, does not re-elect at the General Assembly on August 13 2020. Sune Schnack is nominated as Vice Chairman.

The Chairman of the Board, Carl Trock, does not re-elect to the Board of Directors at the company's General Assembly on August 13 2020. He was assigned as Chairman of the Board in 2014, and is hugely thanked for his efforts and contributions to the development of Flügger over the past six years.

Current Vice Chairman of the Board, Michael Mortensen, is nominated for the position of Chairman. Michael Mortensen, who owns 10% of the shares in Flügger, has extensive experience from various boards from a wide range of companies, among these CASA A/S.

Sune Schnack, 4th generation of the Schnack family, is nominated to rejoin the Board of Directors as Vice Chairman – a position he held from 2014-2017. Ulf Schnack and Sune Schnack jointly owns approximately 45 % of the shares in Flügger.

The past couple of years the company has undergone a transformation with focus on efficiency and profitable growth, and has now  launched an updated growth strategy.

​​​​​​​In Flügger the Chairman of the Board and the Vice Chairman is elected directly at the General Assembly and the notice for this is published on Thursday July 16 2020.