Flügger phases out popular paint series and strengthens environmental profile

As part of a comprehensive green strategy, Flügger is discontinuing its popular Flutex paint series. It is being replaced by more eco-friendly paints carrying the Nordic Ecolabel, including a series sold in buckets made from 50% recycled plastic.

Lots of people probably have a bucket of paint sitting around in their basement – with the iconic red lid and Flutex printed on the side. But not for much longer. In fact, Flügger is introducing the most significant change to its product portfolio ever. So as to comply with ever stricter environmental standards, Flügger has decided to phase out its most popular paint type, Flutex, in favour of upgrading other variants in the Flügger portfolio: Flügger Perform, Dekso and Flutex Pro.

“It is the biggest product improvement in Flügger’s history — and also a bit nerve-racking. We are taking out our customers’ favourite product. But across the board, we are replacing it with significantly improved versions of existing products, so we expect the market to welcome the reduced environmental impact,” says Christian Backman, Product Manager.

Following the slimming-down of the portfolio, it will be easier for customers to choose the right paints for their needs. An improved version of Flutex Pro is being made available for professionals. An upgraded version of Dekso is being launched for fashion-conscious paint lovers. The new kid in town is Flügger Perform, a budget-friendly variant for private users sold in buckets made from 50% recycled plastic.

Stronger environmental profile

The three paint types meet the requirements of the Nordic Ecolabel. In addition, Flügger Pro and Dekso meet the strict M1 requirements for the lowest possible emissions to the indoor climate. For end-users, the result is products with a minimal impact on the indoor climate, yet which offer the quality and functional properties for which Flügger has always been known.

“The certification rules and requirements are constantly changing. With our new upgraded paint series, we get the best results with the least possible environmental impact, says Christian Backman, Product Manager.

Out of a desire to drive the development of more eco-friendly products, Flügger has developed very low-emission paints so that neither professionals nor private users are exposed to, for example, harmful fumes during use. So despite the fact that Flutex has been a firm favourite with users since its launch in 1968, for Flügger it does not make sense to stick with a product that does not meet contemporary standards.

Green strategy

Sune Schnack took up the position of CEO in 2021, and since then Flügger’s green profile has been strengthened significantly. Among other things with the Going Green strategy, under which Flügger works for a greener and more sustainable future. The targets for 2030 include carbon-neutral production and the sale of 100% eco-labelled paint in the Nordics.

As part of the strategy, Flügger’s flagship factory in Kolding has undergone major refurbishment, which will have a direct impact on the future of Flügger paints. Among other things, it has become easier to keep the factory clean during production, which reduces the need to add preservatives to the paint products.

– Going Green defines our business goals and signals that Flügger will be moving in a new and sustainable direction in the next decade. But the green transition is not a new thing for us. In fact, we made our first water-based paints back in the 1960s,” says CEO Sune Schnack.

Photo: Bytommerup