Facts about Flügger Group

Flügger Group is an international group based in the Nordic region. It has annual revenue of around DKK 2,200 million. The company is listed on the stock exchange and has about 1,600 employees.

With roots dating back to 1783, Flügger was originally family-owned. Flügger is now a listed company, but the Schnack family, represented by Ulf and Sune Schnack, remain the main shareholders. Ulf Schnack took over the management from his father in 1970, and Sune Schnack has been CEO since 1 April 2021.

Flügger designs and markets a wide and coordinated assortment within decorative painting, wood protection, spackling paste, wallpaper and tools, of a high quality. We sell our products in part via the Flügger retail chain, comprising a total of 372 stores in the Nordic region, Eastern Europe and China. Flügger owns approximately two thirds of these stores.

Flügger is a market leader in Denmark. In addition to our well-known Flügger products, other products are distributed via the Unicell Nordic sales unit to supermarkets and builders’ merchants. In Denmark, the Flügger Group owns and operates PP professional paint A/S, a wholesale chain, and Detale CPH ApS became part of the Flügger family in 2019.

Flügger acquired 60 per cent of the shares of Unicell Poland Sp. z o.o. in November 2019 – a paint manufacturer based in Wasilków. The majority of Unicell’s products are sold to dealers, builders’ merchants and other retailers. Unicell Poland has approx. 200 employees and generates annual revenue of around DKK 145 million. The acquisition is in line with Flügger’s strategy for growth through acquisitions, with a focus on emerging markets.

Like Unicell Poland, Eskaro primarily distributes its products through dealers and builders’ merchants.

In 2021, the Flügger Group added the Danish company Malgodt ApS to its portfolio. Malgodt ApS was established in 2011, and has since enjoyed great success with its digital platform, malgodt.dk, through which it sells several brands of paint, wood stain, wallpaper and accessories to private consumers.

The factories

Flügger Group has 7 factories in 4 countries, which produce tools, paint and designer wallpapers. Our paint factory in Kolding, from 1970, is the oldest factory we own.


Millions of litres of paint are produced every year in Kolding.

The factory in Kolding produces around 30 million litres of water-based paint, wood stain and wallpaper adhesive each year.


Three Swedish towns each house their own Flügger factory.


In 2019 Flügger broke ground for a new state-of-the-art sand filler production plant, built to accommodate the increasing demand for sand filler. The plant was inaugurated in the summer of 2021, and now produces the equivalent of 27 million liters of sand filler annually.


We have a factory in Bankeryd, in central Sweden, which manufactures brushes and rollers. Most are made by machine. However, a few of our brush types are assembled by hand to ensure the right quality.


Our factory in Bodafors, in central Sweden, produces plastic handles for brushes, rollers and filling knives. This is also where we manufacture other plastic components such as lids and packaging.



Europe’s most modern wallpaper factory is located in Gdansk, Poland. Flügger built the factory in 2009, and it began operation the following year.


Unicell has a factory in Wasilków that makes water-based interior and exterior paints.



Eskaro Ukraine produces water-based interior paints and primers at its factory in Odesa.