PRIDE in Aalborg, Holstebro, and Kolding receives support from Flügger

Flügger is supporting this year's PRIDE events in Aalborg, Kolding, and Holstebro to provide a local boost to acceptance and inclusivity. After two years of sponsorship in the capital city, the support is now prioritized for areas where awareness about PRIDE is not already substantial.

Throughout the summer and fall, there is a multitude of PRIDE events across the country, many of which are organized by local enthusiasts without significant sponsorships or extensive parades. One of these organizations is Kolding PRIDE, and the board is delighted about the collaboration with Flügger. 

"We are a completely local and small association, so this support makes a huge difference and provides a significant boost for us and PRIDE in Kolding," explains Benjamin Madsen, Vice Chairperson of Kolding Pride. 

The same holds true for Holstebro and Aalborg. Marie Askou, Vice Chairperson of Aalborg Pride, states: 

"The assistance from Flügger allows us to spread our positive messages even further during and after the event," she says. 

Could pave the way for PRIDE support in more countries 

This engagement means that Flügger continues to support the LGBTQIA+ community, showcasing a general endorsement for equal rights and a stance against discrimination, regardless of age, gender, religion, origin, or sexual orientation: 

"Last winter, we decided to take new paths with our support, so we are supporting a broader range in Denmark, as well as more causes that are close to our hearts. This means that this year, we are supporting three Jutland prides in Kolding [where our paint factory is located], Holstebro, and Aalborg," explains Marlene von Essen-Müller, Senior Vice President for People, Communication & Culture at Flügger, and she continues: 

"Our support here can make a difference in areas where PRIDE deserves more attention. After gaining local insights this year, we will evaluate how best to continue our support in the future in Denmark and in our other key markets," concludes Marlene von Essen-Müller.