Flügger wins Farveprisen 2017

For three years in a row, Flügger farver has submitted projects to the Association of Danish Master Painters Color Award and this year the award went to Flügger farver for the 1200 sqm large wall painting “Det Røde Bånd” (“The Red Ribbon”), which can be seen on the Hedegaard Silo on the waterfront in Nørre Sundby.

“Det Røde Bånd” is rewarded for the colorful story it represents. According to the chairman of the Association of Danish Master Painters and the Color Committee, Per Vangekjær, the award goes to “Det Røde Bånd”, as good craftsmanship and colors are intertwined while providing the town with a beautiful landmark. In this way the culture and history of the town elegantly become one with the grey patinated concrete of the silo. Furthermore the prize is awarded for the excellent interplay between art and education. 

The Collaboration between Art and Craftsmanship

The great wall painting depicts a section of the old railway bridge in Aalborg and in this way strongly relates to the history of the town while providing it with a beautiful landmark. The artwork itself is carried out by the artist Søren Elgaard in cooperation with the bright students of Tech College Aalborg, thus providing the lucky young Tech College students with a unique opportunity to participate in the making of an artistic piece and in this way to test their acquired skills. Furthermore as a result of this, 13 of them were rewarded with internships. 

The MurMal-project is a CSR-project, which apart from artist Søren Elgaard, the bright students from Tech College Aalborg and Flügger, also was carried out in cooperation with Jyske Bank, Hedegaard, Aalborg Havn and Det Obelske Familiefond. This was done in order to strengthen the focus of the public towards the craft of painting and the coming generation of bright skilled painters.

The award is presented by the Association of Danish Master Painters and the Kirsten and Freddy Johannsen Foundation, and the award ceremony itself took place on May 9th 2017 in Aalborg.