Flügger Group launches sustainable lifestyle brand with global ambitions

Together with venture company Rainmaking, Flügger has developed Notes, a lifestyle brand that will change the way we buy paint and design our homes. The approach is digital, sustainable and innovative, and it is more about fashion than paint. The ambition is to create the world’s leading online brand of paints for private homes.

Sune Schnack (31) took over as CEO of Flügger in April 2021, and since then one of his main focuses has been to make the most of the innovativeness that is part and parcel of the Flügger DNA: developing and scaling the company through continuous innovation of both its products and its business model.

"Our culture is innovative, and we aim to innovate with a green and digital focus. With our new business model, we’ve reimagined the customer journey and invited consumers into a trendy lifestyle universe that takes account of their usual way of making decisions in a digital world,” says Sune Schnack, CEO of Flügger.

The lifestyle brand is an important component of our strengthened Direct to Consumer focus, which, according to Sune Schnack, is a natural continuation of the green and digital direction that Flügger is taking.

“Flügger’s future is green, innovative and digital. Through the acquisitions of Detale CPH and Malgodt.dk, Flügger has in recent years built up its core competencies within digital development, performance marketing and design. Combined with our high-quality sustainable products and infrastructure, we have what it takes to set the agenda for the paints of the future and become the leading online supplier of decorative paints,” Sune Schnack explains.

Easy and sustainable

Notes supplies quality paints – made in Denmark and certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel as well as the European Ecolabel – directly to design and environmentally conscious consumers. An essential purpose of the new online brand is to ensure less waste and more sustainability. On www.notesofcolour.com an online calculator shows exactly how much paint you need. Moreover, Flügger has developed special packaging in the form of a spouted bag for the paint, which significantly reduces plastic consumption and paint waste.

“Sustainability is an important mission, but Notes has also been created to make life easier for design-conscious consumers, and the entire customer journey has therefore been designed accordingly,” says Sune Schnack.

For example, large self-adhesive wall paint swatches based on the original colours are sent to customers freight-free. And 40 top-trendy colours have been developed targeted at modern homes, architects and designers. In addition, complete kits have been put together of the best painting tools for the job, with most of the tools being produced at the group’s own factories in Sweden with respect for the green agenda.

“Paint very much sets the tone and mood in your home. We’ve created a single site offering the best products in the market and added an inspiring universe where customers can be guided and find the colours that best match their style. It is fast, easy and quite a lot simpler than having to navigate hundreds of colours, qualities and materials in a store, which many consumers find quite tiresome,” says Sune Schnack.

Global ambitions

Flügger and Rainmaking have global ambitions for Notes. Rainmaking specialises in helping large corporations build entrepreneurial ventures based on their experience and existing foundation.

“Our collaboration with Flügger is on an international scale, and we complement each other perfectly. Flügger knows everything there is to know about paint and quality, and we know everything there is to know about developing a scalable online business, so we’re a strong match. It has been less than a year from conceiving the idea of Notes to going live, which testifies to the strength and agility of the project,” says Kasper Vardrup from Rainmaking, who is also a member of the board of Notes.