Flügger certified as a ‘Great Place to Work®’ in four out of five countries

Although the past year has been very unpredictable, extra busy, and required new routines and workflows, the employees’ dedication, good spirits and willingness to help make Flügger a good workplace have seen us through. Last year, Flügger Iceland was certified according to the ‘Great Place to Work®’ standard, and this year Denmark, Poland and Norway have followed suit.

In 2018, Flügger embarked on a major transformation, and wanted a strong tool to help it regularly ‘take the temperature’ of the company and among the employees. To this end the Group entered into a collaboration with Great Place to Work®, an independent research and consulting company that develops and recognises workplaces and corporate cultures characterised by a high degree of trust.

As part of the process, Flügger introduced an annual employee survey – the Flügger People Survey – which has provided valuable insight into the employees’ well-being, motivation and commitment.

Good results in the employee surveys

“We’ve worked hard to increase our employee engagement in recent years, so we’re extremely pleased to see that the number of employees who think Flügger is a good place to work continues to rise. Especially in a year with Corona, which has meant a lot more work for us and required new ways of working and great adaptability,” says Flügger’s CEO Sune Schnack. “In this year’s survey, no less than 73% of our employees responded that Flügger is a very good workplace on a company-wide level, and at team level that figure is as high as 85%.”

Four certifications achieved

These impressive figures have resulted in Flügger becoming certified in accordance with the Great Place to Work® standard in four out of five countries. Flügger in Iceland became the first country in the Group to be certified last year, and has now been certified for the second year in a row, and now Denmark, Norway and Poland have followed suit.”

What does it take to be certified?

To achieve the Great Place to Work® certification, the company must go through a certification programme based on two surveys: an employee survey and a cultural profile survey. In this way, emphasis is placed both on the employees’ experience of the company as a workplace, and on the company’s management and organisational practices. In order to obtain a certification, the company must achieve a series of percentages in both surveys.

“Although we’re achieved good results, we can’t and shouldn’t rest on our laurels. We will of course continue to work on the areas where there’s still room for improvement to ensure that Flügger remains a good workplace,” says Sune Schnack.

About Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work® is a global analytics company that specialises in the development and certification of workplaces and corporate cultures based on employee surveys and cultural profiles.

Read more about Great Place to Work® here.