Flügger Norway AS is an Eco-Lighthouse

In mid-December 2019, Flügger Norway AS obtained its first two Eco-Lighthouse certifications. Eco-Lighthouse is Norway's most widely used certification scheme for enterprises seeking to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility.

Flügger Group A/S is on an extensive journey towards becoming an eco-friendly and energy-efficient manufacturer of paint products, and Rolf Gjølberg, Country Manager of Flügger Norge, is therefore very pleased with this recognition from Eco-Lighthouse:

“We’re very pleased and proud that Flügger Norway AS has obtained Eco-Lighthouse certification. It’s a seal of approval indicating that we as a company are on the right track when it comes to sustainability,” says Rolf Gjølberg. “We’re continuously working to improve our and our products’ environmental footprint, and we’re in the process of defining specific sustainability goals,” he continues.

Flügger’s journey towards improved sustainability already started back in the 1970s with the construction of a new factory in Kolding, producing only eco-friendly, aqueous paints. In 2005, our production in Denmark and Sweden became ISO 14001 certified, and in 2011, our wallpaper production in Poland also obtained certification. In 2019, Flügger began modernising its production to meet growing market demands for eco-friendly products and strengthened regulatory requirements.

“Flügger is proud of its local presence in large parts of Norway. We want to demonstrate our corporate social responsibility, and therefore it’s important for us to initiate certification according to Eco-Lighthouse’s ‘head office model’,” Rolf proudly announces. “The model includes stronger anchoring of environmental management in corporate management and certification of local stores,” he says.

About Eco-Lighthouse

Eco-Lighthouse is an environmental management system for public and private enterprises seeking to document their environmental performance. The certification scheme’s aim is to improve the environmental performance of public corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises. All enterprises meeting defined industry criteria can obtain Eco-Lighthouse certification. 

Eco-Lighthouse is approved in Norway and the EU and is comparable to, among others, the ISO 14001 and EMAS standards on environmental management systems.

The certificate is recognised by the authorities in connection with public procurement, and more than 6,000 Norwegian enterprises are Eco-Lighthouse certified.