1.200 square-metre joint project

Northern Europe’s largest wall mural – MURMAL – has been unveiled, and only came into being after taking cooperation, partnership, determination and diligence to a new level.

The project is located in Aalborg, and comprises a 1,200-square-metre work of art painted on the Hedegaard silo on the Aalborg harbour front.

It is the involvement of businesses and organisations such as Jyske Bank, Flügger, Hedegaard, the Port of Aalborg and the Obel Family Foundation which has made it possible. Everyone has contributed with their specific skills.

In addition, the work of art was designed by the artist Søren Elgaard, who grew up in Aalborg.

Søren Elgaard has worked with a team of dedicated and skilled trainee house painters and decorators from Aalborg Tech College.

Flügger agreed to participate in the project because we want to highlight the house painter and decorator’s trade, especially for the next generation of skilled house painters and decorators. We want to help profile the trade as a challenging and interesting field which offers countless opportunities for both exercising your talents and specialising in a variety of exciting areas. 

We also want to influence the general perception that the vocational programmes are in sharp decline, and for some are even considered a second-best choice of career. In fact, the house painter and decorator’s profession calls for skilled hands and talent.

Thirteen trainee house painters and decorators found apprenticeships because of the wall mural project in Aalborg, which we are very happy about.

Remember – line creates the form, but the colors add life.