Two new profiles boost Flügger top management team

Flügger A/S has appointed Keld Sørensen as new CFO, who leaves a position as Executive Vice President and CFO at COWI, and Michael Hassø Larsen from Nobia AB as new Supply Chain Director.

Keld Sørensen and Michael Hassø Larsen will become key people at Flügger in resolving the challenges Flügger has struggled with since the implementation of a new IT system. 

Keld Sørensen worked at COWI for 15 years and made a major contribution to the company's development and transformation during this period."I am extremely pleased to welcome a strong profile like Keld Sørensen to Flügger," says Peter Røpke, CEO of Flügger A/S. "Keld has solid experience from COWI, where he has been deeply involved in and has created results through various finance and IT projects. This will help ensure Flügger is in a strong position to create future growth. Flügger is on the verge of implementing a new strategy, and I therefore look very much forward to drawing on Keld's insight and experience," says Peter Røpke. 

Keld Sørensen, aged 59, has an MA in Political Science from the University of Aarhus, a diploma from Copenhagen Business School and a diploma in Innovation and Development from the Scandinavian International Management Institute. In addition to his 15 years with COWI, Keld Sørensen has experience from Lundbeck A/S, Unisys Nordic Group and Unisys Denmark, and Danske Bank, and is currently on the advisory board for Brunata International A/S. 

Keld Sørensen starts work at Flügger A/S on 1 September 2015 as a member of the company's management team. He replaces CFO Peter Rosén, who has decided to pursue other challenges and is therefore leaving on 31 August, after five years in the position.

New Supply Chain Director

Flügger A/S is also boosting its Supply Chain team with the appointment of Michael Hassø Larsen, who leaves a position as Executive Vice President in Nobia AB’s Supply Chain Operations. Michael will take up the position as soon as possible, and by 1 December 2015 at the latest. He will be involved in current projects as far as possible in the interim, to ensure he gets up to speed as quickly as possible. 

Michael Hassø Larsen, 44, has over 17 years' experience from sales, production and supply chain operations. He spent the last seven years as COO/Production Director and EVP in Central Supply Chain for Nobia AB, a European developer, manufacturer and distributor of kitchens. 

"I very much look forward to Michael joining our management team at Flügger," says CEO Peter Røpke. "With his broad production and supply chain experience, I believe he is the right person to manage and resolve the challenges we are currently facing in our supply chain. 2014/15 saw major challenges in our supply chain. These have been particularly linked to the implementation of a new IT system, and the reliability of our deliveries to customers and stores has been unsatisfactory. We are working very hard to resolve these challenges as quickly as possible, and will be greatly aided by having a person like Michael Hassø Larsen on board," says CEO Peter Røpke.  

Michael Hassø Larsen replaces the previous Chief Supply Chain Officer, Richard Alm.