When colors support subcultures

The last Trailerpark Festival has now been held after 10 years – Flügger has been involved with the festival for the last four years, where our products and colors have infused the festival’s stages and stalls with life and atmosphere.

When the three-day Trailerpark Festival opens in Copenhagen Skatepark in the heart of the city, a wide variety of creative subcultures within music, art and technology all come together for an interactive celebration.

Trailerpark Festival invites Flügger

The Trailerpark Festival is run by the creative and dedicated entrepreneur Carla Cammilla Hjort, who is also CEO of the artist collective ArtRebels which is behind a wide range of exhibitions and events. ArtRebels is helping to decorate the stages and stalls at the Trailerpark Festival, and this is where Flügger comes into the picture. “After seeing how construction hoardings for the Copenhagen Metro were being decorated, I thought that Flügger might like to cooperate with the Trailerpark Festival,” says Carla, who then contacted the company, and since 2013 the group’s paints and other products have been used for decoration at the festival.

“Flügger has proven to be the perfect choice of partner. Our stages, stalls, stands and other temporary constructions painted for the festival have to be able to withstand a great deal – including the elements,” says Carla, adding: “One thing is the products, the other is receiving the right advice from the local Flügger shop in Valby, which has given us lots of useful tips and the confidence to start painting and achieve the right look. It’s not just a question of having lots of bright colors – it also needs to look good.”

Inspired a new kind of collaboration

For Flügger, the collaboration with the Trailerpark Festival is a step in a new direction, where street art in particular comes into play. Through Flügger’s involvement with the festival, its products are being used in new ways that differ from the more traditional marketing exercises: “You could say that the paint bucket has been given a dusting off with this collaboration, and this has helped pave the way for similar projects in future, as our products are seen in different contexts than usual – and it helps to give our brand a bit of edge,” says PR manager Lone Kisbye.

This year, the Trailerpark Festival celebrated its 10th anniversary, but there won’t be another as the festival is stopping on a high note – but a new project is being planned, Carla promises.