Colorful collaboration at J. F. Willumsens Museum

The 'Farvefeber’ (‘Color fever') exhibition at J. F. Willumsens Museum presents Willumsen's bold use of colors in new and surprising ways. The exhibition is the result of innovative collaboration between the museum, Flügger and building contractor, Wolmergruppen.

Visitors can enjoy a novel and vibrant experience through the 'Farvefeber' exhibition at J.F. Willumsens Museum in Frederikssund up until 21 August 2016. The exhibition focuses on Willumsen's bold color universe, and the world of color in general. Flügger and the museum have jointly developed 15 hues matched to Willumsen's color universe. Five of the colors serve as background colors on the exhibition walls, to ensure unique harmony between the setting and the works.

Color theme

"The exhibition offers visitors an impressive, novel, sensory experience," notes Museum Director Annette Johansen. "Rather than focusing on art periods and styles, the colors set the theme. "The exhibition rooms were previously white. Painting these rooms using hues from Willumsen's art frames the works in a way that results in a strong sensory experience."

Jonna Hjerl-Willumsen, granddaughter of J. F. Willumsen, was present at the opening and enthusiastic about the interplay between the colors: "My grandfather would have loved it – the new wall colors help bring out the best in the works." 

Shared passion

Farvefeber is the result of a joint initiative, with each party contributing from their area of expertise. J. F. Willumsens Museum has extensive knowledge of Willumsen's works and life story, and that has given Flügger a unique opportunity to closely study his intense color universe. "This insight has been crucial in order for us to successfully develop the 15 unique 'Willumsen colors' based on hues in the paintings," explains Lone Kisbye, PR Manager. Wolmergruppen then hand painted the exhibition walls using the paints, as if Willumsen himself had done it.

Framework for future collaboration

The joint exhibition project has been a great success, and Museum Director Annette Johansen is already thinking about new exhibitions where similar collaboration could be exploited: "I am positive about similar projects in the future, with each party contributing from their area of expertise, to produce the best result. If we can also innovate, as we have done in 'Farvefeber', then that is simply ideal."

Morten Bardrum, CEO of Wolmergruppen, adds: "We have been equal partners in this exhibition project, and I will also focus on this in future projects. There must be room for consultation, development and networking, so we can all acquire new knowledge and ensure a good experience for everyone involved.

The collaboration with the museum is one of several current and future Flügger initiatives and partnerships to help illustrate how colors can beautify, communicate and arouse interest. "When we get involved in a joint project, we recommend that all parties think as much with their hearts as with their heads – as this always leads to far more interesting results. We don't look for classic sponsorship agreements when we choose projects," notes Lone Kisbye regarding future joint initiatives.